Downdraft Spray Booth

Our Full Downdraft Spray Booth provides the best environment for painting.

Painting a car requires a dust free environment. A spray booth is a large enclosed room used to spray paint in a dust limited environment. Spray booths come in many sizes and forms. An important characteristic is the path of the air flowing through the booth. There are 3 major flow paths:

  1. Cross-draft
  2. Semi Downdraft
  3. Full Downdraft

Cross-draft spray booths are the least expensive to install and in general provide the least effective painting environment. The air is drawn lengthwise along the car. Any impurities present in the spray booth and any over-spray material will almost certainly end up in the wet paint. Cross-draft booths can be purchased and installed for less than $10,000.

Semi Downdraft booth are a sort of mixture between cross-draft and downdraft booths. The air flowing through the booth is drawn lengthwise along the car to some extent, but the suction or air outlet is located just above the floor. The hope is that some part of the air flow through the booth which may pickup dirt or dust is directed downward towards the floor and then flows along the floor towards the air outlet. It’s a compromise, it saves on cost, but never provides the best air flow and clean environment possible. A economical Semi Downdraft booth might be purchased for $20,000, and maybe another $20,000 for installation cost.

A full downdraft booth is the top of the line spray booth. Clean air flows over the top of the vehicle and straight down into an underground duct system. This air flow provides the best chance to move any dust or dirt away from the wet paint. This top down flow eliminates contamination. A full downdraft booth requires modification of the concrete floor and can easily cost $100,000.

At No.1 Auto Body Center we paint your car in a Full Downdraft spray booth.