We are a Female Friendly Collision Repair Center!

As you walk into our reception area, you can’t help but notice the modern, clean, fresh smell of our beautiful waiting area complete with a large screen television, the fresh coffee brewed one cup at a time, cold beverages and Wi-Fi!  In the service area, the technicians are just as clean and organized, the floor is clean and tools are put away.

Safety is our number one priority, and having a clear understanding of the mechanics of car ownership follows close behind. This is the rationale behind our decision to offer auto body care center aimed at women.

What does being “Female Friendly” mean?t
It means that we have made a commitment to make your automotive repair experience one that is based on trust, respect and improved communications. Our policy is to always educate, inform and confirm any repairs or maintenance your car may need — before carrying out any work.

Our whole staff is trained to cater to women; we take the time to explain things and we love to invite women (just as we do with men) into the shop to look at their vehicles so they can see and understand what a good or bad part looks like. We’ve created literature which is available for our clients to take home to educate themselves, so they are enabled to make smart, educated decisions about their vehicles. (Our male customers love it, too).

Our ultimate goal is to win your lifetime loyalty by providing the highest level of customer service in an environment where you feel confident that you have made the best informed decision about servicing your vehicle.

We think women deserve a repair shop they can fully trust. It is clear to us that women don’t need or want to be treated differently – just to be treated with the respect they deserve. No1 Auto Body Center Management